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Our Story

Opening the door of a small takeaway restaurant in 2012 by Owners Rahim shah and Sayed Zaidi the brothers who grew up in western Pakistan, near the Afghan border and learnt to cook and run a family restaurant. The name Ghan is a tribute to the unbeatable Afghan Camel drivers who arrived in Australia from the 19th century helped to explore the country’s remote interior. Now that original property is taken up by the kitchen with a door leading to the counter and a new spacious dinning area and also a dessert bar added on recently.

The Ghan kebab house will also take you to its own memorable journey with all the traditional spices famous by the taste of flavourful lemony cardamom and sumac as well as the chilli that sneaks up through the meal. The Ghan provides all different types of authentic dishes giving the flavours from Pakistan, Afghanistan and also Middle Eastern tastes for all the people craving the “At Home” taste and also for other people from different cultural to give it a try.

At Ghan we believe “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity”.